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 Poringland Defibrillator Appeal

Charity Donation 2019


Money was raised from the 2018-19 Railway Championship Football Sweepstake. The money was collected from the overpaid players each week and accumulated over the course of the season. It was decided that the monies should be used locally and the ‘Defibrillator Appeal was chosen.
Please note that VAR was not used in anyway to collect the money for this appeal.

  • Completed on: 4th October, 2019
  • By: The Railway Championship Sweepstake

Mally - September Manager Of The Month

The coveted monthly award went to Mally despite bad knees and a penchant for the Amber Nectar. He was heard to comment when presented with the trophy ‘to do is to dare’ something he picked on his many jolly boy days out. His winnings are to be used to help keep his throat lubricated in the future.

  • Presented on: 4th October, 2019
  • By: Tracey Moore

Chocolate Skasouls

Free live music at the Railway in September were The Chocolate Skasouls - a great evening for everyone.

  • Appeared on: 22nd September, 2019
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Gavin Wood  Manager of the Month

Gavin Wood - Manager of the Month


The coveted monthly award went to Gavin. He found the time to attend and was presented with the trophy in between one of his globe trotting trips abroad looking for the sun. He was heard to thank the diocese of Norwich for his luck and plans either a deposit for a short break or a new Tractor Boy tattoo with his winnings.

  • Presented on: 6th September, 2019
  • By: Tracey Moore
Pub and Paddle 19

Pub and Paddle 19


At 11am in the Julian Year of 19 a band of Hawaiian explorers set off from the northern end of Riverside in search of historic architecture, a hostelry for some light refreshment, and people to trade with (in preparation for Brexit). The third pub and paddle outing passed off without any major incidents or Broads Authority intervention. The weather was perfect on the day, sunny with a light breeze, and everyone entered into the spirit (well beer anyway). On the day Steve did not even get his boots wet, although he did have a number of problems with his ‘coconut bra’ which had obviously not been fitted correctly, and his coxswain (i think I have heard this correctly) did get them out and back despite looking a whiter shade of pale throughout. The paddlers returned, later that day, to a seafarers feast at the Railway.

  • Completed on: 25th Augustr, 2019
  • By: The Railway Paddling Club
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Golf Charity Donation 2019

Golf Charity Donation 2019


A total of £1850 was raised smashing last year’s £1100 out of the park!!” The society’s committee decided it should once again be split equally between 2 local charities. Mr Ewing said: “Once again we wanted to support The Nook Appeal who have done such a marvellous job in raising funds to complete the new East Anglian Children’s Hospice (EACH) being built just round the corner from the pub.

  • Presented on: 24th July, 2019
  • By: Railway Taverners Golf Society
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